Shop Olatz | Linens, towels, bathrobes, cotton and silk pajamas, and other fine comforts.


When you walk in Olatz store, for a moment you could dream you've entered La Havana or Buenos Aires…., for its atmosphere brings your senses and memory to the nostalgic sights and scents of the beginning of last century.

Olatz Schnabel began creating her own line of linens out of her own interior design needs; her husband, artist Julian Schnabel, had created a limited edition of raw steel beds which were not compatible with just any linens, that's how Olatz created her collections.

Constructed of linen and cotton, some sets are modernist with bold-colored borders, in a palette that is timeless: Capri greens, Naples yellow and the blues of boats in Venice. Other sets, featuring appliquéd embroidery, are more classic. There are crib sets too, in lace and batiste cotton, and bathrobes, and pajamas and everything that will make you want to stay home.